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2013 Class is official

The 2013 Baylor recruiting class finished up much like it started. With a ton of momentum.

Defensive tackle Andrew Billings chose hometown Baylor over the University of Texas and TCU.

After big announcements from four-star offensive lineman Maurice Porter and 5-A defensive player of the year Taylor Young on February 6, defensive tackles Andrew Billings and Terell Brooks chose to make Baylor University their home on the following day.

These announcements came after almost exactly one year that Baylor received its first commitment of the class, quarterback Chris Johnson. Johnson committed to Baylor on January 29, 2012, at Baylor's first junior day.

The core of the Baylor class have been together since the summer and they leave little room to doubt that things have become more than just friendships between the entirety of the 2013 class.

"Colt, put it in the article that we already fighting like family," defensive back commit Austin Jupe said in the middle of the interview.

"Took you long enough, Johnny," Jupe then said to late arriving interviewee Johnny Jefferson.

"I can't wait to ball with y'all. I can't wait to get on campus."

A recruiting class that has seen only a select few come and go, it is no surprise that the core of the class is likely as close as any other in the nation. Each have goals such as which girls they will date when they get to Waco and arguments about what number they will wear.

But there is one goal that the 2013 class has its eyes set on.

Despite a run by Texas, Robbie Rhodes stayed solid to Baylor since committing.

"MAN! I am ready to get this Big 12 championship! Enough said," Quan Jones said.

"We ain't about that talking; we about that action!"

"Y'all are now family to me. Each and every one of y'all. Lets win these rings," Travon Blanchard said.

"I'm proud to play with you boys," Johnny Jefferson said.

At that point, what started out as a basic interview became a casual conversation between future teammates. Joking and laughing, each recruit knowing that the next chapter of their lives starts in only a few short months with each planning on taking advantage of the unique opportunity that they have placed in front of them.

And just like a family there will be arguments and frustration between them at times, but without a doubt there will be one thing they will always look back at and all agree was the right decision.

"Bros… We definitely chose the right place to ball out at," Raaquan Davis said.

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