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BearsTruth Recruits of the Week

Johnny Jefferson ran over, through, and around Universidad Autonoa for 26 carries for 303 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Equally impressive is future Bear quarterback Chris Johnson hitting 23 of 37 for 308 yards and a touchdown. Johnson wasn't done there with 86 yards rushing and a touchdown.

Both exemplary performances make Johnson and Jefferson BearsTruth Co-Players of the Week.

Robbie Rhodes had a game that would usually land him in their position with 2 catches for 130 yards and 2 touchdowns and 1 rush of 40 yards for a touchdown.

Rhodes teammate and super sleeper Wesley Harris continues his dominance on 6 of 12 passing for 224 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also rushed twice for 19 yards and touchdown. Then went out and caught a 45 yards pass.

DJ Green led a shutout with 11 tackles, a forced fumble, and fumble recovery.

Gus Penning followed up in 10 catches for 150 yard first game with 4 catches for 40 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Michigan native is looking like the biggest steal in this class.

Quan Jones had 4 catches for 24 yards.

Kyle Fulks had one catch for 20 yards in Katy's win. He needs more touches with his speed.

Travon Blanchard had 5 tackles and pass break up in West Orange-Stark's shutout.

KJ Smith continued terrorizing opposing quarterbacks with another sack.

Raaquan Davis had 8 tackles and 2 for loss.

Taion Sells-Warner had 8 tackles and a fumble recovery in a close loss to Plano.

Austin Jupe sat out with an injury. We'll be checking in on his status soon.

Byron Bonds coaches do not release stats, but one observer mentioned his controlling Cedar Hill's line play and disrupting them all night.

Tanner Thrift had 5 tackles.

Darius Moore helped lead a 66-7 thumping of Chavez.

Simo Kulmavilta played well in a loss to San Mateo.

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