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Big 12 making move to Big 14?

The news of the Big 12/SEC Champions Bowl a little earlier than expected has shaken a few ACC schools loose from the conference.

Will Notre Dame be counting scores in the Big 12?

As BearsTruth reported earlier this week Florida State and Clemson would likely move to the Big 12 in 2013. This takes the conference back to a conference championship game and back on par with the SEC in the BCS.

Now, we are hearing Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Louisville, Pitt, and even Notre Dame are looking at the two seats to 14 to match the SEC in conference size.

The reasons Notre Dame would consider the conference are tier 3 rights to sale, not getting left out of the BCS championships in a possible conference championship model, and strengthening the Notre Dame brand across the Southwest and Gulf Coast.

Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech both bring programs ready to compete and rivalries for match ups television viewers and executives wish to see.


Louisville is currently on the outside looking in, but if the conference were to go to 16 teams, in the utopian 4 conference 16 team model, the Cardinals would be a quality addition.

Pitt is an interesting school to watch as they filed suit on the Big East to exit early once the rumors began to swirl concerning Clemson and FSU. Could their history with Notre Dame and West Virginia bring them into the fold for a place in the 16 team conference?

For now

Sources out of South Carolina and Florida have indicated the deals have been agreed upon for Clemson and Florida State to notify the ACC of their intent to explore other conferences. Then the two universities will need to submit an application to the Big 12. Big 12 presidents will need to approve the applications and welcome the two newest members.

More later as this story continues to unfold.

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