The Heir to Pierre?

Bearstruth catches up with Kenny Chery about his commitment to Baylor. Chery is rated one of the top 20 JUCO players by JucoJunction. Chery has experience playing for Canadian basketball teams in international competition as well. He is currently a sophomore at State Fair Community College in Missouri and will be a junior next year at Baylor.

Bearstruth: What made you choose Baylor? Have you visited Baylor yet?

Chery: I picked Baylor because of the relationship that I have built with the coaching staff. They are great guys and very honest. The most important thing about my decision was trust. I trusted them even though I haven't visited yet. I knew that they wanted me at Baylor and were showing me that more consistently than other schools. I am very comfortable with my decision. It is from the heart.

Bearstruth: How much did the success of Pierre Jackson play a part in your decision? Seeing what Jackson has done coming out of the juco ranks?

Chery: His success definitely played a part in the decision. Seeing him be successful at Baylor paves a path for me because we have some similarities in that we both like to play fast and push the action. I think I can bring hard work, leadership and dedication to the team and hopefully will have similar results to Jackson.

Bearstruth: Did you know Brady Heslip from Team Canada work? What are your thoughts about a fellow Canadian in the backcourt at Baylor?

Chery: I have not had a chance to meet him in person. But from what I have seen, it will be fun to play with him. He's a great shooter and he plays really hard.

Bearstruth: You have some great athletes to work with on the wings and post- how familiar are you with Baylor's roster? Did that play a role in your decision?

Chery: I'm very familiar with the roster at Baylor. I like their attitudes and how hard they play. Bringing the effort every single play is important to winning as the competition increases. I think we can have something special at Baylor next year.

Bearstruth: What do you want to study at Baylor? What are your goals and aspirations after this year?

Chery: I want to study business management and my goals are to get better every day. I want to build a great relationship with my future teammates and those I come into contact with at Baylor. I want to be a great leader- someone the guys will follow. I want to offer my talents to help Baylor but also be respected for how hard I work; my leadership; intelligence and most importantly character.

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