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#1 Lady Bears defeat #3 UConn

The Baylor Lady Bears started slow in the first half on the road, but outscored Connecticut by 13 after a flagrant one foul was called on Brittney Griner in the 76-70 victory.

Griner and Odyssey Sims were 3 of 18 in the first half with the Lady Bears being down 3 at half. In the second half the defensive intensity picked up and Griner took over with 21 second half points.

In what was a physical game Baylor's athleticism took over in the second half with ball movement from Niya Johnson and Alexis Prince allowing Sims to get free and create on the offensive end.

Brooklyn Pope was able to feast on assists from the UConn double teams on Griner and ended the night with 18 points and 9 rebounds.

  • Nice respectful article and post for the gals. Good game!

  • The Lady Bears just grind teams down with that pressure defense and transition offense, then put them away late with Griner killing them in the half-court sets. She and Sims had a miserable first twenty minutes, but as the second half rolled along, they showed why they are the best at their position in the country, and in Griner's case, the best ever. Watching her play defense is a rare treat -- such discipline and court awareness, and she never coasts or takes a few moments off.

    Pope was magnificent, and everyone turned it up in the second half, as championship teams are supposed to do. I thought that Connecticut probably played as well as they could, given their opponent, and they used the home court advantage to good effect. If these two teams meet in New Orleans, I don't think that it will be this close.

  • set, did it look like the team was abit tired or out of sorts for some reason to you? It was also on that miserable sore muscle 2nd day after a game is what it seemed like it could have been too? We used to think that 2nd day we were more sore than the 1st when I was a kid!? Just couldn't get up to speed ...

    They just didn't seem to be as energetic as normal, but not taking ANYTHING away from UCONN as they played about as well as they could imo against a stifling defense most of the 2nd half.

    Just one of those games you get a win and get out. Glad they got W and I agree next time it could be 20 pt win

  • Baylor has not been extended for so long that I think it took the Lady Bears about ten to twelve minutes to get anything going. The missed shots, a number of them at point blank range, the turnovers, and the offensive rebounds that enabled UCONN to get second and third chance points were uncharacteristic for this team, and allowed the fans up there to really get into it.

    What was noticeable is that, despite playing about as well as they could play, and with Mosqueda-Lewis missing only one shot in the half, the game was only a one point advantage to UCONN until a second and a half remained in the half. At that point Sims and Griner were 3 for 18. I did not think that UCONN could win it in the second half, because the fourth quarter always belongs to Baylor's women, as it did tonight. UCONN needed a huge cushion to ride out the inevitable charge that the Lady Bears make in the second half, and they had not been able to hold that double digit lead.

    Baylor's bench gave them far more than the UCONN bench, tonight, though their frosh McDonald's AA, Morgan Tuck, was very good for them off the bench. Moriah Jefferson and Brianna Stewart were non-factors. And when Mulkey rested Griner for several minutes in the first half, the Lady Bears actually narrowed the gap considerably, with Niya Johnson leading them and Sims playing off the ball, Pope and Williams in the paint.

    Mulkey earned her dollars, tonight. Her decision to switch Griner and Pope on defense, with Pope guarding Dolson, and doing so effectively, worked very well for Baylor, and it took UCONN several minutes to adjust to it.

    Mike, you may be right about the early lack of energy, or perhaps intensity....but we have seen this before from our team, and it usually means that they are just easing into their rhythm and will pick it up within a reasonable time. When you are this good, the lack of challenge by 90% of the teams you face can be a bit of a problem for the coach as well as for the players. I don't think that it will be a problem when they hit the post season. I think that they will be on a mission, once again.

  • Old300Bear

    When you see us beat Tech by 40 you know we are good, but seeing this game just makes you realize just how damn good we really are. Outstanding performance! Great play, great coaching, great win.

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