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January 14th can't come fast enough

Kiante Griffin has had to wait an extra semester compared to his 2012 signing class due to NCAA Clearinghouse issues, but now that he is cleared he's ready to get on the field.

BearsTruth: When will you be moving to Waco?

Kiante Griffin: "I'll be moving in January 14th."

BearsTruth: After sitting out the semester, are you ready to get to Baylor?

Kiante Griffin: "Yes sir. I'm ready to get there. It's been a long time coming."

BearsTruth: Have you been able to make any games?

Kiante Griffin: "I'll be down there this weekend."

BearsTruth: Have the coaches assigned a roommate yet?

Kiante Griffin: "I think me and B. Nance."

BearsTruth: Anything to tell the Baylor Nation?

Kiante Griffin: "Yes sir. I'm ready to play!"

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