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McDonald's All Americans- How long do they stay in school?

  • Big12 version- since 2000


    : 13

    Perry Ellis (2012)- incoming sophomore
    Josh Selby (2010)- one and done (49th pick)
    Xavier Henry (2009)- one and done (12th pick)
    Cole Aldrich (2007)- junior year (11th pick)
    Darrell Arthur (2006)- soph year (27th pick)
    Sherron Collins (2006)- senior year (undrafted)
    Mario Chalmers (2005)- junior year (34th pick)
    Julian Wright (2005)- soph year (13th pick)
    Micah Downs (2005)- transfer senior year (undrafted)
    David Padgett (2003)- transfer senior year (undrafted)
    JR Giddens (2003)- transfer senior year (30th pick)
    Aaron Miles (2001)- senior year (undrafted)
    Wayne Simien (2001)- senior year (29th pick)

    So of the 13 McDonald's All-Americans for Kansas, they

    Lost two after freshman years (one 1st rounder; one 2nd rounder)
    Lost two after sophomore years (both 1st rounders)
    Lost two after junior year (one 1st rounder; one 2nd rounder)
    Lost six after senior years (three transfers; one 1st rounder; two undrafted)


    : 13

    Cameron Ridley (2012)- incoming sophomore
    Myck Kabongo (2011)- sophomore (declaring for draft)
    Tristan Thompson (2010)- one and done (4th pick)
    Cory Joseph (2010)- one and done (29th pick)
    Avery Bradley (2009)- one and done (19th pick)
    DJ Augustin (2006)- sophomore (9th pick)
    Kevin Durant (2006)- one and done (2nd pick)
    Daniel Gibson (2004)- sophomore (42nd pick)
    Mike Williams (2004)- transfer junior (undrafted)
    LaMarcus Aldridge (2004)- sophomore (2nd pick)
    Brad Buckman (2002)- senior (undrafted)
    TJ Ford (2001)- sophomore (8th pick)
    Brian Boddicker (2000)- senior (undrafted)

    Lost four after freshman year (all 1st rounders)
    Lost five after sophomore year (3 1st rounders; 1 2nd rounder; 1 unknown)
    Lost one to transfer (Williams)
    Lost two as seniors (both undrafted)


    : 5

    Keith Gallon (2009)- one and done (47th pick)
    Tommy Mason Griffin (2009)- one and done (undrafted)
    Willie Warren (2008)- sophomore (54th pick)
    Blake Griffin (2007)- sophomore (1st pick)
    Drew Lavender (2003)- transfer senior (undrafted)

    Lost two as freshmen (one 2nd rounder; one undrafted)
    Lost two as sophomores (one 1st rounder; one 2nd rounder)
    Lost one to transfer (undrafted)

    Oklahoma State

    : 4

    Marcus Smart (2012)- one and done likely (likely 1st rounder)
    LeBryan Nash (2011)- incoming junior
    James Anderson (2007)- junior (20th pick)
    Byron Eaton (2005)- senior (undrafted)

    Lost one as freshman (likely 1st rounder)
    Lost one as a junior (1st rounder)
    Lost one as senior (undrafted)


    : 3

    Isaiah Austin (2012)- likely one and done (1st rounder likely)
    Perry Jones (2010)- sophomore (1st rounder)
    Tweety Carter (2006)- senior (undrafted)

    Lost one as freshman (1st rounder likely)
    Lost one as sophomore (1st rounder)
    Lost one as senior (undrafted)

    Kansas State

    : 2

    Wally Judge (2009)- transfer incoming senior
    Michael Beasley (2007)- one and done (2nd pick)

    Lost one as freshman (1st rounder)
    Lost one to transfer (Judge)