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WBB vs Tennessee

  • I dont know. Im torn. Typically we have tried to be a more up tempo team and she will need to get much faster to make that work. She is a big body but certainly not what we are used to down low. Kim has tended to lean towards the faster/leaner post players.

  • What bothers me is that Higgins is 6'5 and Agbuke 6'4, and they're still not getting their shot off, or at least finishing it right under the goal, against athletic 6'2s and shorter. I know this is just impatience, and being spoiled, but I fully expect when we play weak sister non-con teams that Higgins and Agbuke should at least shine somewhat. And they haven't. Huge, huge dropoff from what we've been used to, even if you're just talking about Pope and Williams, and not including Griner. Still praying for a transfer or late signee to shore up this area. So far these girls seem to foul more than anything, and aren't particularly good rebounders. Don't think anyone is going to accuse either of them of being the next coming of the Paris sisters...

  • Agbuke was a project and still is, despite Muleky proclaiming last year that she was going to be "a big time player."
    Higgins came in with a better reputation, and some who saw her play in high school seemed to think that Baylor had done well to recruit her. She, too, in my view, is a bit of a project.
    The post player that they recruited from Georgia for next year was unranked and on no one's radar. 6'4' said to be athletic, she has played multiple sports, which tells me that she may be a better athlete than she is a basketball player; in today's game specialization is the key to improvement, and so we can put her down as a project, as well.

    The fact is, when you look at what is coming back and what is coming in, you have to wonder, Sims and Prince aside, where the points are going to come from. We will be scratching for victories next year, at least against ranked teams.

    I may be proven wrong, and if so, no one will be happier about it, but the truth is Mulkey and her staff have not recruited particularly well since the Griner class came in, getting two fine players in Sims and Prince, the former being outstanding and was attracted by attending the same summer camp in which Griner gave her early commitment, but the others since have not seemed to me to be particularly special.

    Baylor fans of Mulkey, and I am among them, like to talk about her ability to "coach 'em up" and there is no doubt that she is one of the best in women's basketball, but talent in women's basketball tends to collect in a few places, and there are not the kinds of upsets that characterize the mens game. Once you get past the top four to six teams, the gap really widens, and I don't see the Lady Bears in that group next year, nor the year after.

  • New haircut makes her look younger. However, one of the ESPN announcers did note that she had on her "reptile" suit tonight. Appropriate because on the court during the game she has all of the compassion and competitive instinct of a crocodile. No disrespect intended, she just hates to lose as bad as anyone I've ever seen. I admire that about her.

  • Johnson will be a top-notch point guard. Not Odyssey Sims, but still very good. Prince has the talent to become an All-American-level player. Nina Davis will be better than a lot of people give her credit for now. You don't replace a Brittney Griner, and it is extremely difficult to replace an Odyssey Sims. I think one thing that has scared some recruits to this point is the idea that they will have to sit on the bench for a year or two before getting a chance to see significant minutes. That will change over the next two years. We as fans are spoiled. If the 2013-2014 WBB team wins the B12, goes to the NCAA tournament, and "only" gets to the Sweet 16 or even the Elite 8, it will be a letdown for us.

  • I would consider a Sweet Sixteen berth a major accomplishment, next year, and I think that that is doable. I am not sure that the Lady Bears will win the Big 12, but they should be competitive.

    Niya is a nice point guard, but not one that I think will be extraordinary. I just don't see the speed and quickness there, nor the offensive aggressiveness. Pass first point guards are fine if they are surrounded by scorers, but if not, they must put points on the board. I hope that she is capable of that, but I have not seen much to this point that leads me to believe that she is....

    I agree that Prince has the ability to be one of the greats at Baylor, if she is healthy enough to practice and play a full schedule. She has not been that this year and it shows.

    As for the others coming in, again they look to be Mulkey type players, lean, athletic, and good -- but it remains to be seen as to whether or not they can shoot with effectiveness from out on the floor. Mulkey has not had many of those kinds of players over the years, and it has hurt them in more than a few games. You can't beat many really good teams with defense and transition.

    I hate to strike a pessimistic note, but I have been deeply disappointed in the failure to attract top twenty talent here over the past three years when Baylor has been as big a name in the women's game as we have seen recently. 2014 and 2015 need to be huge years for the women in terms of recruiting.

  • Seems like the solution to all this is truly under our roof. Let's get innovative. Combine the men's and women's program staffs. Coach Drew will head up all recruiting efforts. Coach Mulkey will lead practice and game day coaching.

    Seriously, it's pretty amazing that we have one of the top recruiters in college basketball history (given the state of the program when Drew came in, I don't think that's a stretch) and one of the most accomplished coaches in college basketball today.

  • I agree, although maybe I'm slightly more optimistic. With respect to recruiting, it seems that there are a few things in play. First, even though BU has two National Championships in the past seven seasons, with a realistic shot of earning a third in eight seasons this year, the national media do not consider Baylor to be one of the "blue-blood" programs in WBB. Maybe I'm overly sensitive, but the media seem to give a whole lot more respect to Notre Dame, UConn, Tennessee, Stanford, Duke, and even lower-level programs such as Kentucky and Texas. There is no doubt that UConn and Tennessee deserve every bit of respect they get, but sometimes I get the idea that the media considers Baylor to be a fly in the ointment. Second, Kim has said herself that she does not like recruiting. That doesn't mean she can't be very effective, but maybe she doesn't approach it with the same gusto that Scott Drew seems to. Third, like Pat Summitt or Bobby Knight, Kim Mulkey is a hard coach to please and a hard coach to play for. She sets high expectations with respect to play, work ethic in practice, conduct, academics, and everything else. Not every athlete wants that kind of rigor in their lives. Combine all of those and maybe it's just harder to recruit to Baylor than to other schools. I'm honestly not as familiar with the recruiting process for WBB as I am for MBB.

  • Oddessy is really tweeting some disturbing stuff. I hope she's ok.

  • Such as......

  • No kidding. Would appreciate if you'd post up some of the disturbing stuff so we don't have to scroll through pages and pages of junk to find what you're talking about...

  • Sorry, I assumed most of us followed her. Here's a few since the game. But it's been going on for awhile. She never refers to what she is referring, so it may be nothing.

    @Ballout_Sims: I'll really never understand what's goin on right now, I guess some things are meant to be misunderstood...

    @Ballout_Sims: I wanna understand, but I just don't think I will..

    @Ballout_Sims: Everything is overwhelming right now, really need to take a step back and evaluate some things..

    @Ballout_Sims: SoulSearching ...

    @Ballout_Sims: Lord forgive me, things I don't understand, sometimes I need to be alone..

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  • Song lyrics?


  • Team has gone home for Christmas, so probably something non basketball.